Every play session provides a learning opportunity.

With their curiosities steadily emerging, toddler-aged children will start to find preference in being in the company of others. We encourage parents to provide children with the opportunity to practice their newfound skills as they engage in stimulating play activities at Little Daydreamers Learning Center 3. Since we take proper measures in screening and training our staff, parents can breathe easy knowing their child(ren) is gleaning lessons within a classroom environment that fosters respect, positivity, and safety. Aside from facilitating age-appropriate activities, we also allow the children to explore and play with interactive toys to fully capture the formative and worthwhile experience of the toddler phase.

Our Toddler Care program aims to promote child development concerning:

  • Literacy: story-telling, trying sound games/ nursery rhymes, etc.
  • Physical Development: play activities, imaginary play, and toy interactions.
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: playgroup sessions.
  • Mathematics: repeating numbers, identifying shapes, etc.
  • Arts and Crafts: coloring, drawing, using basic art materials, etc.

Part of our duty is to create a wholesome and memorable childhood for every kid that enters our doors. Learn more about how we keep things fresh at our center by visiting our Events page online. We are excited to have your child enjoy the wonders of early schooling!