Financial information:

One time non-refundable registration fee is $250.00

Tuition FT rate :

Children ages 2-3.5 years of age is $2400.00 This rate includes meals and live web camera access.

PT/Daily rate: $160 a day (Must be enrolled for a minimum of 3 full days a week). We do NOT provide half-day care at this time (for example, 8 am-12 pm). Children must be enrolled in full days of care. Part-time care and or daily care is only available to enrolled families.

A two-week deposit is required for enrollment and/or to hold a spot (spots can only be held for a maximum of two months).

3K for all is FREE (hours are 8:30 am-2:50 pm) to students enrolling through the DOE my school’s portal. To enroll in our preschool 3K for all programs, please use our school’s assigned ID: 10XCJQ.

For more information regarding rates, deposits, and or enrollment, please call us directly at 347-427-3642.